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Jacinda is a Perinatal Support Consultant who has a background in children’s services, perinatal family support, perinatal relationship training and community service, she is also the mother of two children. Jacinda uses her experience to provide perinatal support and information to families with the intent of improving the outcomes of perinatal mental health and the emotional and social wellbeing of both parents and children. Jacinda is passionate about minimising the isolation and loneliness of parenthood, lessening the stigma and impacts of perinatal mental health issues and helping to create positive connections between families and their communities.   

Jacinda offers two realistic, compassionate and evidence based postpartum support programs.


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Postpartum Home Visits are a 2-hour session which is a gentle, informal visit in your own environment where you are free to discuss your most pressing concerns at the time.
Topics generally covered include:
-Self-care and nourishing yourself
-Attachment to baby
Home visits tend to be of the most value onwards of 6 weeks postpartum, but do not hesitate to call Ballarat Women’s Clinic if you are unsure of when to book.

Postpartum check in appointments are a 15 minute in-person or phone appointment where you can discuss any immediate concern regarding your postpartum, family life or your baby’s development.
Topics generally covered include:
-Age appropriate play based activities
-Nurturing your bond and connection
-Strategies for settling
-How to manage the nights
-Help addressing any relationship issues

Postpartum Check in appointment

Postpartum Home Visits 


“Learning about common postpartum issues and how to prepare in practical ways for your postpartum period can be incredibly empowering."

Jacinda Saunders

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