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Belinda studied Physiotherapy at La Trobe University and graduated in 1993. Using her wide physiotherapy experience Belinda has honed a special interest in Women’s health particularly management of incontinence, prolapse, preparation for and recovery after pelvic surgery, pelvic joint pain during pregnancy, abdominal /pelvic floor muscle weakness and pre and postnatal pilates.

Belinda works alongside children and their parents to resolve any continence issues such as bedwetting, daytime wetting, constipation, and faecal incontinence.

Belinda also works with Gynaecologists at BWC  to develop personalised programs to help promote positive health outcomes for women. As a mother of two young girls, she understands the needs of women and is motivated by the success physiotherapy has in making a lasting change to women's lives. 

Belinda will work with you  to assess your pelvic floor muscle health and function and build a program to help prepare, and heal from pelvic surgery.

Before and after Surgery


Belinda works with pelvic floor issues, pelvic girdle pain, exercise during and after pregnancy,  musculoskeletal issues and issues like carpal tunnel syndrome in pregnancy.

Pelvic pain management in pregnancy


Belinda has worked in incontinence clinics for 15+ years to help women learn how to manage and develop better pelvic floor function to help reduce incontinence.



Belinda's area of expertise.

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Belinda teaches perineal massage which is a technique used during pregnancy to help to prepare the perineum so there is less risk of tears when the baby is born. 

Perineal Massage


Belinda sees women that may be suffering from mastitis or cracked nipples due to breastfeeding. Belinda can assist with treatment.

Mastitis and cracked nipples


Belinda works with children for the following continence issues:
•Daytime wetting
•Faecal incontinence

paediatric incontinence


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“"It is an exciting time to work in Women’s health with new research continuing to provide advancements. To be able to make a change in a woman’s life, to see a smiling face return and know you have assisted with their individual need is fantastic.”

Belinda Matthews

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