Whether you are thinking of becoming pregnant or you are pregnant, we are pleased you have chosen Ballarat Women's Clinic to help. 

Hey there, firstly a big Congrats! 

Personal care also extends to after hours help as we know that issues or queries during a pregnancy happen at anytime. At your first visit you will be given your obstetrician's personal mobile number for any emergency or queries you have after hours.

Most pregnant women will have about 13 appointments during their pregnancy. These will be booked at a convenient time for you, where possible, right up until the birth of your baby. 

Dr Pat's antenatal patients also have free access to Dr Pat's online program GrowMyBaby. You can read more about it here.

Having a baby. 

At BWC our philosophy is based on personal care for you and your baby.

This means you have your obstetrician's individual attention throughout your pregnancy, including all antenatal appointments.

To secure an appointment with either Dr Patrick Moloney or Dr Kate Stewart it is best to call as soon as you know you are pregnant. We book your first visit when you are about 10 weeks. 

You will need a referral to the clinic from your GP.
The GP at this visit may give you a pathology slip to have your routine blood tests for pregnancy but if not we can arrange them. These tests may include a full blood count, blood group and antibody screen, check for rubella immunity and a screen for Down syndrome.

For your visit to your GP,  you can take this: 

Also, a relevant episode to listen to on The Kick Pregnancy Podcast is here.

We know it's a big learning curve, we are here to help.

Your first visit

Just pregnant checklist download

What to do after a big fat positive on your pee on a stick

Schedule of appointments. 

After your first visit, your obstetrician will see you:
Every four weeks until 28 weeks,
then every two weeks until 36 weeks,
And then weekly until delivery.
You may have additional appointments if required.
All women are also seen for a six week postpartum check up.

At your visits your blood pressure will be taken and we will listen to your baby's heart beat and measure your growing tummy.

BWC has in-house 4D ultrasound and can scan whenever we need reassurance.

At 18- 20 weeks you will be sent for a detailed ultrasound scan to assess the development of your baby.

At 28 weeks you will be tested for diabetes and at 36 weeks you will have a vaginal swab for Group B streptococcus GBS. All of this is covered in the GrowMyBaby program.

The BWC antenatal package includes access to the following:

  • The GrowMyBaby online pregnancy and birth program
  • A screening visit with pelvic floor physiotherapist, Belinda Matthews.

Parenting support




Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

We want you to know you are supported at each step.
We believe in individualised care for you and your baby.

At BWC, at any stage of pregnancy and parenting the following services are available to you:

Growing a whole new person is a wondrous journey.

From conception to birth to your six week post natal check, each stage is as important as the next

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