A podcast where Dr Pat and Brigid
(and the occasional guest) talk about everything to do with growing a baby.

The Kick Pregnancy Podcast 

This is information that is beyond the story you hear from your neighbour's best friend about her birth. 

It is expert information that is based on our everyday experience of helping women get pregnant and grow a baby.

Medical information and the interpretation of medical studies is a nuanced skill. We walk you through the jargon in easy to understand language and get told by our listeners that it helps them feel CALM + CONFIDENT.

Common fears unpacked

Go-to for latest medical information

Expert information to help you get pregnant 

Common questions we all have about pregnancy

Milestones that are important in pregnancy

It's your weekly dose of powered up knowledge:

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- Steelem61

This podcast has been the most informative and calming presence during my pregnancy! Dr Pat and Brigid are remarkable for what they present for us mama's to be. Thank you for explaining things so clearly and simply. My husband has also loved these podcasts and I think it has helped him to feel more involved and confident with the pregnancy and upcoming birth process.

"What a resource"

- Fashionreviewer00

There are a lot of pregnancy podcasts out there but this one is by far level headed, informative and really provides women with the tools to ask questions. Well done!

"Best Pregnancy Podcast out there!"

- I'mAlright

This is my first pregnancy and this podcast was recommended to me by my obstetrician. I have absolutely loved the content and the way in which it is delivered with the shared knowledge of Dr Pat and Brigid. It has helped me feel more aware and knowledgeable about the birth of my child.

"Wonderful resource for a first-time mum"


So I've been through a few pregnancy podcasts but everything was American. Finally found one. Not only is it straight from the horses mouth (OBGYN) so no personal experiences which may rarely happen. He's delivering facts and that's what we need to know. The norm, not the rare instances on what can go wrong. Also Brigid is awesome. She asks everything a layman would want to ask an OBGYN. LOVE this podcast!

"Best pregnancy podcast ever!"

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