There are many contraception solutions and it is important to find the right solution for you and your stage of life. 



Apart from preventing pregnancy, some contraceptives are used to help minimise symptoms such as a heavy and/or painful period. 

Your first step is consulting with your GP to discuss your contraceptive goal. 

Mirena™  contraception 

Often women wanting a different contraceptive solution want to try the Mirena™ IUD system. This is a small piece of plastic that sits inside the uterus. Inside the Mirena™ is five years’ worth of progesterone hormone.

Every day the Mirena™ gives a tiny dose of progesterone to the uterus that prevents pregnancy and makes periods lighter. The hormone treats the uterus where it is needed but very little is absorbed out in to the rest of a woman’s body. This explains why side-effects such as weight gain are rare with a Mirena™ system.

BWC offers 'open access' appointments which means your GP can firstly assess your suitability for the Mirena™ IUD system. You can then come to the clinic with your script filled ready for the procedure. This means only one appointment with a gynaecologist, saving you time and money.

The Mirena IUD is a progestogen IUD. It has the added benefit of reducing heavy periods. 
The Copper IUD is a non-hormonal contraception suitable for women who don't want a hormonal contraception. It can cause heavy periods.



The right pill for you takes discussion with your GP. There are many different brands available to help other symptoms you might be experiencing. Each person tolerates pills differently so if you are experiencing unwanted side affects, continue the discussion with your GP.

ORal contraceptive


 Sometimes patients are looking for a permanent solution to contraception such as surgical removal of tubes.. Research shows that removal of the fallopian tubes can decrease ovarian cancer. If you believe a surgical contraception is for you, speak to your GP or BWC gynaecologist.

permanent Contraception


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