We know fertility is on the mind of many of our patients who have decided they want to start trying for a baby. Before we begin, we want to reassure you statistically that 4 out of 5 couples, who have been having well timed sex, will be pregnant within 12 months.


Trying for a baby 

If you have been trying for 12 months, it is time to seek help and a referral from your local GP is needed to see one of our gynaecologists.

For some couples, the 12 month recommendation doesn't apply and they need help right away and it is time to see one of our gynaecologists. 

It's time for further investigation if this is you:
  • Trying for over one year (woman is under 35 and the man under 50).
  • Trying for over 6 months (woman is over 35 or the man is over 50).  
  • Male problems are suspected such as a history of mumps, genital injury, genital surgery or erectile problems. 
  • Women with irregular periods, PCOS, history of pelvic infection, pelvic pain or pain with sex. 

Ovulation induction

How to become an Ovulation Ninja and fast track getting pregnant

In our clinic we offer a process to bring about regular ovulation using medication.

An in-house ultrasound is used to assess the effect of the medication on the ovaries.

This process is called ovulation induction and is used to help a couple get pregnant where the problem is absent or irregular ovulation.


The first step is knowing about your menstrual cycle and tracking the cycle length.

A regular cycle is one that is predictable in length. These are usually ovulatory cycles.

There is a wide range of normal so learning your normal is the key.

Here is an episode about ovulation from The Kick Pregnancy Podcast 

Next Steps?

I Have a Referral from My Gp

I don't have a referral from a Gp

Book an appointment with a BWC gynaecologist here

You can get a referral to Dr Pat Moloney or Dr Kate Stewart from your local GP.